Monthly Archives: December 2006

How to Live Consciously

In a busy world, it is very easy to live life without ever taking time to think about why you are doing what you are doing. When we are conscious of our choices, we can improve our attitudes, save time, and get more enjoyment out of life. In general, to live consciously is to disarm […]

How to Live With Gratitude by Terence Young

Want to know a simple way to increase your enjoyment of life 100 percent? Develop an attitude of gratitude! Thankfulness in the heart makes all of the struggles and trials of life more bearable, and increases your joy in the good times. So how does gratitude work, and what are some things a person can […]

What’s the Secret Ingredient for Romance Success?

There is only one thing that will get you closer to your romance Right Action. Even what may look like luck or fate is really taking the right action to receive that blessing. You can be born rich, but still fail at life without Right Action. By any measure of progress, only right action actually […]

What Works Better than Aspirin or Chicken Soup?

How do I begin? EFT stands for ‘Emotional Freedom Technique.’ This may be the worst acronym in the world for what may be the best, simplest, most reliable and effective theraputic technique. No drugs, easy to learn and remember, works in minutes or LESS!

Love Addictions by Mystikka

It is difficult to maintain faith in our spiritual power when we find ourselves co-mingled in someone else’s world, reality, or game. It is a nearly impossible to stay true to ourselves when the illusion of a ‘need’ for a relationship in our lives, or a ‘need’ for a person, overshadows the NEED for what […]

Marriage: Learning to Love — by Lee Baucom, PhD

My daughter was recently in her school’s performance of Fiddler On The Roof. She was one of the daughters. If you don’t know the story, it focuses on the changing culture of marriage, from one where the marriage is arrainged by family and community to one based on mutual attraction.

Romance Without Relationships — Yes!

People ask me: “Can you have romance without a relationship? or is it just for lovers only?” The answer: YES. I never really got the concept of romance until someone just glowed when talking of snorkeling Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Then the concept came home!

Speak Your Love Carefully, So That Your Partner Might Hear.

Love not in the manner that you would be loved, but rather give your love in the manner most pleasing to your partner!

Playing Together

Now is the time to re-awaken and choose to be playful. So, take time to laugh, skinny-dip, dance and be silly.

The Riddle of “The Cube”

The Cube is an entertaining and inspirational visualization that has been handed down for generations. It is designed to gain personal insights free from external judgement. You can do this by yourself or can share it with a friend! Imagine you see a bare stretch of sandy beach. Just sand and sky. Imagine a single […]