Till Death Do Us Part

When they met, everyone said Don and Tara were destined to be together. They took time to sit down and enjoy one another every day. As they approached retirement, they made plans to grow old together at the beach where they bought a condo next door to friends who planned to be part of the journey. Theirs was the marriage to be envied and served as a role model for how to do relationships.

Don and his adult son Chad were trimming branches from the trees on their property one Sunday afternoon. They were talking and enjoying the beautiful day when suddenly Don fell from the ladder onto the chain saw on the ground below. Chad tried doing CPR but it was useless. When the paramedics arrived Don was dead and Tara had lost the man she had loved for 27 years.

Their destination of romance may be finished, but Tara has pleasant memories of each step they took together along the way. These memories gave Tara courage after Don’s death. They had spoken many times of what would happen if the other one should pass first. Tara knew that Don did not want a funeral service with people telling Tara how sorry they were. Instead, she threw a party to celebrate the life of her beloved mate and only invited the family and friends who knew Don best.

What regular activities are you doing with your partner to nurture your relationship? Are you enjoying the journey on the way to where you are going? Are you fulfilled enough that you could carry on without the one you love?

Through laughter and tears, romance paves the way to whatever lies ahead. Romance is the road as well as the journey to what ever gives you that positive, joyful energy.

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