The Riddle of “The Cube”

The Cube is an entertaining and inspirational visualization
that has been handed down for generations. It is designed to gain personal insights free from external judgement. You can do this by yourself or can share it with a friend!

  1. Imagine you see a bare stretch of sandy beach. Just sand and sky.
  2. Imagine a single cube in the picture. What is it made of? Where is it? In the distance? How does it look? Is it solid?
  3. Next, imagine a ladder. Is it big? Small? Near the cube? On top? Solid? Let your imagination be the boss.
  4. Imagine some kind of transportation? Is it a car? Horse? Boat? What color? Where is it? What relation does it have to the cube and the ladder?
  5. And now, imagine some growing plants. Are they flowers? Trees? Where are they? Are there a few or many?
  6. Finally, imagine a storm! What kind? What does it do to the rest of the scene? Is it in the distance, or right up close?

Hold that image before you look at the next page! You will be surprised!

Many people, but not everyone, create these images with the following associations:

  • The cube represents your self.
  • The ladder represents your friends.
  • The transportation is the significant relationship in your life.
  • The plants are your creations, children, career or artistic.
  • The storm represents the challenges in your life!

Don’t be surprised if some of these images don’t seem to make sense! Your imagination is not logical nor is it a source of discomfort and it is sometimes confusing to the logical conscious mind, so avoid judgement, just perceive.

While “the cube” is purely for entertainment purposes, it can point the way to your deeper values. Your values are important, and are often swanped by your built-in emotional reactions that have been put there by your family, your partner, your job, or …

You can get closer to your values by clearing those emotional reactions that are no longer serving you. You can find out more at The Celarien Experience.

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