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Is It OK to Have Sex for the Sake of REALLY Good Sex… With No Relationship Commitments?

Editors Note:This is Forbidden Territory! Cheating! Casual Sex! Possibly the biggest hot button for young couples. What is the right action? If you want to know the best, most honest and wise counsel, then read on. Open up your mind as you read — It’s not for the emotionally weak! If you dare, login and […]

How To Be Romantic: A Simple, Effective Guide By Jewel Kinch

Editors Note: This remains one of our most popular articles. Why is that? Is it because it tells us that romance is important? Is it because it tells us that romance is not a short-term thing? Is it because it tells us to pay attention? It’s probably all these things, but we would like your […]

Barbara’s Love Tips: Dive In

Editor’s Note: I tried this one on my sweetie — we both rolled on the floor laughing! Login and add your comment on this most important insight into romance. As children we played staring games where whoever blinked first, lost. We’d mimic mock romantic verse like “your eyes are like two pools”. Then swooning, we’d […]