The Gold Dress by Bill Brauer – a Romantic Masterpiece

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Look at the color of the dress, the swing and sway of the energies of this dance. This has got to be one of the most sensual and sexy images I’ve seen in years. Sophisticated too. Totally expressing that fabulous soul dance.

The whole image exudes movement and life. The sweep of dress and the lean of the dancers vibrate with erotic energy. There is no pretense of holding back on what may come later in the evening.

There are some important lessons about romance for us students to contemplate:

  • The guy is totally in control. But he is NOT the center of attention. He does this so that she may shine her radiance to herself, her partner and all that see.
  • The woman has total faith that she is in trustworthy hands. She would never let herself be bent in this unnatural way unless she has surrendered to her partner in this.
  • Both of them are totally focussed on the connection to each other and the sensuality of the moment.

So ask yourself these questions: As a guy, can your partner totally trust you? Would you ever let her lose faith in you? Even if she doesn’t follow your lead? Do you let her shine? Are you totally focussed on her and just enjoy the moment with her?

And as a woman: could you trust your man? or do you hold back? Would you like to shine more? or do you hold back? Are you totally focussed on each moment with your partner, or do you multiplex your energies?

If you like the image and what it means, go ahead and click through: you will find many sizes and frame options for your selection. Let it inspire you to a more sensual and complete romance.


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  1. Get Girls Guru
    Posted January 8, 2009 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    Incredible body shape. It’s as if the artist has captured the moment and is sharing it with us.

    True perfection – in the moment.

    Both my parents are artist’s and I was brought up to appreciate this kinda stuff – just in case you were womdering.

    Is it an oil painting, do you know?

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