So What Do We Mean by Peak Experiences

Sam decided to walk home that afternoon. He had just left the gravesite of Hugh, his favorite uncle who was buried that day. Sam was terribly sad, but on his walk through the quiet trees of the shady lanes of his home town, he felt the world was a different place.

Maybe it was because he felt he needed to reach out through the fabric of the universe to his uncle. And even as he had that thought his state of consciousness changed: he felt that, yes, he could reach through the very fabric of space and time. Beneath the supposed “real” dimensions of space and time. And that there is an intimate connection that runs just beyond the limitations of our everyday lives.

He heard the birds in the air, as if for the very first time. The air seemed more real in his lungs. And somehow, the colors of the trees and sky and houses became full of energy, as if the very light itself had a soul. And all through it ran the idea, no, the certainty, that all matter was energized by the same force and was related in an unknown but tangible way.

This is what a peak experience is like. It can come from any number of places, but it only happens when something is able to touch your core in ways that are truly meaningful to you. And then your core shines with a glow that connects you to the farthest points in the universe. It is as if you had lived in a dark place full of strange and unknown shapes, and somehow a light goes on and you see the world as a different place: the fearsome shadow in the corner is no longer a snake, but merely a coil of rope.

Sometimes, these states are so out-of-tune with our normal lives that we may suppress them, or some well meaning friend or authority makes them seem insignificant or unworthy. Any peak experience that allows a great connection of spirit is valid: no one, let alone yourself, should be allowed to take it from you.

What have your peak experiences come from? A death or near-death experience? The birth of your child or grandchild? Was it from looking your best friend and lover deep in the eyes and knowing that you were both together, as one? Was it from a sweet and powerful sexual union? Could it have been from the first kiss of youth?

That kiss, that first kiss, meant that you were worthy of a kiss, of love. That insight of the total worth of your soul is a very powerful jump start into the realm of peak experiences: We often completely miss the opportunity for the search for peak experiences outside of a normal love union.

When you do have a peak experience that you fully remember and value, you want more of that. It becomes a goal in your life. The romance of your life is to re-capture and recreate that goal. You even want to take it to the impossible limit: of actually touching that farthest edge of the interconnected universe. Of merging your soul with your partner, or of walking on the moon, or visiting the tomb of an unknown Pharaoh.

A peak experience should not be a once in a lifetime experience. In fact, The Celarien Experience® is all about that which Abraham Maslow spoke of as plateaus of consciousness that are characteristic of those that Maslow called self-actualized. Maslow recognized that a person must take control of their own efforts in the aspect of emotion and consciousness.

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