You Want a Romantic Story? Try This.

Herm Island Harbor

Herm Island Harbor

Part one as described by the UK Telegraph:

It really is a most fabulous piece of property, spectacularly beautiful on a sunny day, like a chip of the Caribbean that has somehow ended up in the English Channel. A mile-and-a-half long by a mile wide, with a population of about 50, it has 80 acres of meadows and 40 acres of woodlands and wilderness, all girdled by cliffs and sand. One of its beaches – made up from tiny fragments of shells – regularly features in round-ups of Britain’s best.

That’s pretty romantic to start with! A dream island that comes equipped with beaches, meadows a thriving tourist economy and more: no capital gains or inheritance tax, no death duties, no VAT or corporation tax

Part Two
But here is where the real romance comes in: It seems that a couple who fell in love 14 years ago on that very island, are going to buy it for less than the asking price: to save it from a corporate takeover! Now this is a plot worthy of a Harry-met-Sally Hollywood extravaganza. Or maybe Bollywood (I’m sure the dancing would be awesome.)

Here are the details, again from the UK Telegraph

A couple who fell in love on the Channel Island of Herm have bought the tiny outcrop in a bid to protect the beautiful tourist destination.

John and Julia Singer from Guernsey met on Herm Island 14-years ago and now the couple is to take over the island, which only has 50 inhabitants, one shop and one hotel.

When it was revealed earlier this year that the leaseholders Adrian and Penny Wood Heyworth were selling their rights to the island there were fears for its future. Locals were worried that the beauty spot would lose its unique identity if it were bought by an outsiders. One of the interested parties was the luxury hotel chain Von Essen, which owns a series of top class holiday destinations in the UK and France. Von Essen were reported to be considering paying £15 million for a 40 year lease.

But in the end the island went to Mr and Mrs Singer for an undisclosed sum, believed to be lower than the asking price.

Currently the Singer’s want to keep the island as the paradise they remember, Let us all hope their romance will last forever.

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  1. Posted January 25, 2009 at 4:22 am | Permalink

    As I have always thought, some of the most romantic things come from shared experiences in our past.

    This is a fabulous exmple that proves the point.

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