The Sacred Space

This is a new concept that I have been turning over and over in my soul and mind for several months.  It all began with the Bill Brauer painting “the Gold Dress” — It is a stylized representation of the differing energies of the dance of love: of romance.

Why is it the guy is in the background?  Why not have him as a flamenco peacock?  A dance of equals?  In my review I talked of the supportive role the man had to bring her energies to the front.  That set off a contrast of ideas that I needed to turn over and over to gain a full view of this dance of life.

You see, what the man is providing is the “sacred space” — Sacred,  not so much as in the religious sense,  but as in the sense that it is so precious that it must be protected at all costs, so the space can work it’s magic.  And what is that magic?

The magic is that the woman can blossom into the fullest realization of her potential.  As she can define it.  But it is not just man an woman, it is power, and beauty: Yang, and Yin.

So what qualities make up this sacred space?  The Yang energy must create it and enlarge it and defend it.  The Yin energy must fill it with the delights of the Yin: the highest refinement of  her energies.  Beauty and richness and grace.  The protection of the yang must surround the space, and may dance within the space, but within that space, the  Yin is allowed, encouraged and nurtured to flourish unrestrained.  Anything less makes it the dank prison and not the sacred space.

It is easy for the dominate energy to turn inward to rule over the space,  but unless that energy enlarges the space and makes is more to the liking of the Yin, it is useless.  This is how many men direct their frustrations with the  world back into their home life, and make the woman a prisoner, a slave.  A truly strong man would  not do that.

Equally sad is when the Yang energy is muted, by job loss, or illness, or emotional exhaustion, and can no longer keep the space pure and open.  The Yin energy is no longer able to be pure Yin,and unless the pair can change over, and allow the  Yin to repair, the dance will dissolve.

Yang!  Be strong: allow your mate the space to grow, and  thrive and blossom.  You will harvest a crop of blessings.  Yin: Take every advantage of the space while it lasts, enjoy it , expand your capabilities, and know you are loved: make the space within a loving nest for your mate to recuperate.

And if, by some sad chance that you need to exchange roles, become as receptive to the needs of the Yang, as it was of yours

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