There is a TV Network for women, with content designed to appeal to women: It’s called Oxygen.

Why is it called Oxygen? Where did that name come from? Did they figure that Oxygen is a life-sustaining part of our human needs? Maybe like Oxygen for the soul?

Maybe, but there is another analogy that women might consider, and even find appropriate.  It explores the esoteric nature of relationships and the duality of the sexes.

Oxygen is a very yang element. On an atomic and molecular level it is an aggressive factor. Since oxygen is usually a gas, it tends to seek out and attach to other elements and molecules — they seem to have a yin-like acceptance of the oxygen. When that happens, there is a fundamental change in the yin target. The combination is never like the two of them separately, and it is really hard to get the oxygen away from the target — till death do they part. When the action is really fierce, at high temperatures, oxygen not only attaches to organic molecules, but totally tears them to part. The result is a uncontrollable devastation of the yin, and a surrender to dust.

Even when the energy of oxygen is well harnessed to the needs of life, there are side effects:  The creation of free radicals.  On a cellular level, these free radicals are tiny toxins that can build up or damage other parts of the cell. You might think of them as the beer cans that lay around after the Super Bowl, or the pee on the side of the toilet. Things that simply never, ever happen to a woman living without a man.

Yang seeks yin. Yin seems to call out to Yang. The combination changes into something else, and there is a potential violence to the yang, which can destroy the combination and reduce it to the basest, simplest combinations.

Women: you may call out to the yang, and it will seek you out and connect — will the outcome be what you envision? You will find that you will change greatly by the connection. Sometimes out of control and leading to an unexpected and bitter conclusion.

But when it works, there is nothing like it — hydrogen turns oxygen into water.  The very stuff of life itself.  The blessings prevail.

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