What is it about romance that fixes our attention? Is it that roll of her hips? Is it the set of his jaw?

Or maybe, for you it has nothing to do with sex and a “Significant Other.” Whatever Romance is, we already know it fixes your attention, because romance is the pursuit of life’s peak experiences.

What is Romance, Anyway?

Romance is simply the pursuit of peak experiences. So the question remains: What are your peak experiences that you desire, and desire more of?

How do you pursue them? Here playcan be very serious! How successful are you in getting them? Would you like to be more succesful?

Or, do you find your peak experiences unsatisfying? Maybe you are not finding your peak experience?

Come, open up to the world and put down your thoughts, ask for advice, and get more of what you really want out of life!

This blog is all about how to keep it, how to share it, how to inflame it. We welcome your involvement in your comments, letters, even your own articles.

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Explore. Enjoy. Live.