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You Want a Romantic Story? Try This.

Part one as described by the UK Telegraph: It really is a most fabulous piece of property, spectacularly beautiful on a sunny day, like a chip of the Caribbean that has somehow ended up in the English Channel. A mile-and-a-half long by a mile wide, with a population of about 50, it has 80 acres […]

Where To Go For Practical Romantic Help

The Capitol of Romance is a site that explores romance from an ‘arms distance’ and looks at different ways that you can express or receive romance. Sometimes, however, you need big time romance help from the experts. We have put together a list of these and want to sent you over to our sister site: […]

Barbara’s Love Tips: Dive In

Editor’s Note: I tried this one on my sweetie — we both rolled on the floor laughing! Login and add your comment on this most important insight into romance. As children we played staring games where whoever blinked first, lost. We’d mimic mock romantic verse like “your eyes are like two pools”. Then swooning, we’d […]

In Embrace

The days and years pass. Our time together grows less and we know not the hour or circumstance that will separate us.

Two People Gathering Fruit

Have acute awareness and reverent response to each other and the world around. It is a choice to be fully present with a heart full of love.

From a woman to a woman: Enhancing Attraction

Ladies, do you worry that your husband or significant other looks at other women? Be very worried—98% of them do! Visual attraction is important, and you can do something about it.