Burn Out

Regaining Energy for Your Career

Have you been working too much for too little? Is it finally catching up with you? Have you lost sight of the goal?
Are you burned out from dealing with conflicting personalities upline and downline? From dealing with a system that is inflexible and broken?
Over the limit with competing demands and Constantly frustrated to the point of no return?

  • What are the symptoms of burn-out?
    • Over-reaction to conflicts, sometimes followed by isolation from co-workers. Recovery from emotional fatigue may become harder. Lowered ability to stay on-task and be productive. Continual thinking: hoping to “figure it out”. You may become easily distracted: possibly a source of accidents or injury. When burn-out becomes a real problem, the end result can be addictions or illegal behavior.
  • What can I do about it?
    • Realize the limits of your emotional and physical reserves and learn to pace yourself. Find out ways to become more in control of your self, your attitude and your situation. In that order. Discover the underlying emotional and values violations that are really happening.
  • Can burn-out be a result of not following the five principles of romance?
    • Yes, That’s because romance and management require these same principles: passion, communication skills, compatible values, right action, and vows for the future. Any underlying emotional issues or values mis-alignment can cause you to be less than efficient or effective in your executive capabilities.
  • So how do I make an appointment?
    • Find out the facts here then call Jim Hinds at 808-224-5433