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Breakthrough — 101 Free Romantic Ideas

Every so often I find a real resource for romance on the web, and I just gotta put the word out. 93. Hold hands more often94. Reenact a romantic movie you watched together.95. Always open the door for your female partner and be a gentleman.96. Always remember that being romantic comes from the heart.97. Although […]

Godiva Chocolate, Fine Wine, and a Bubble Bath!

Editor’s Note: Guys — There is plenty for you to learn here! Not only to shower her with things that will be appreciated, but for you to taste what her appreciation revels in! Check it out, and don’t be shy. Allow me to introduce Holly Cox, who specializes in knowing what women want in their […]

Monogamy or Not: They are both romantic!

Jenny Block has a somewhat different view on romance, relationships and monogamy than most people would admit to. She has authored a book entitled Open; Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage.

Where To Go For Practical Romantic Help

The Capitol of Romance is a site that explores romance from an ‘arms distance’ and looks at different ways that you can express or receive romance. Sometimes, however, you need big time romance help from the experts. We have put together a list of these and want to sent you over to our sister site: […]

A Soothing, Exciting, and Effective Site

Are you Alone, Angry, Annoyed, Anxious, Apathetic, Ashamed, Bewildered, Bored, Cold, Confused, Cranky, Crazy, Crushed, Depressed, Devious, Disappointed, Discontent, Drained, Drunk, Enraged, Envious, Exhausted, Frustrated, Giddy, Gloomy, Grumpy, Guilty, Indifferent, Infuriated, Irate, Irritated, Jealous, Lazy, Lonely, Mad, Melancholy, Moody, Morose, Numb, Pessimistic, Pissed off, Rejected, Restless, Rushed, Sad, Shocked, Sick, Silly, Sleepy, Stressed, Surprised, Tired […]

The Best Practical Romance Site!

I have been searching and searching the web for the very best resources to help you with the practical aspects of romance. You know, what new ideas and words will keep you as the focus of your partner’s thoughts. I have found it! And I want to share it with you: Its called the Automatic […]

Hot Hot Hot

Over at My Redhead on you will find a celebration of life, love, marriage, and romance. It’s a blog about an ex-minister’s ongoing relationship with his gorgeous redhead wife. There is lots to learn here about the ongoing nature of a relationship full of the sweetest kind of romance.

Adult Relationships Are More Fun than Juvenile Relationships

This best-of-the-web article comes out with the heart of the matter: What separates the men and women from the boys and girls when it comes to relationships. The winners in the relationship game rather than the players. Can you answer the question: Is your romantic relationship an adult relationship or is it on a one […]


Being hit with the news that an affair is usually devastating and often turns the betrayed spouse‚Äôs world upside down. In a maelstrom of intense emotions, often people have difficulty thinking clearly and are at a loss as to how to begin to put the pieces of their shattered lives back together. Healing both yourself […]