Who is Jim Hinds and The Celarien Experience?

Before relocating to the beautiful island of Saipan, Jim had helped scores of people at his practice in Honolulu and Portland, Or. Jim has studied life changing techniques from master trainer Tad James and since 1996 has continued to investigate the subjects of vivid suggestion and emotional resolution.Previous Clients have included nurses, social workers, professors, actors, truck drivers, students, doctors, hotel workers, in short, people from all walks of life.Jim is also fascinated by the subjects of creativity and romance: Which are the seeds of human genius. Noting that real romance is neglected and twisted by our society, he has hosted the radio talk show Romantic Trances and interviewed dozens of notable figures in romance and the romantic arts.Jim has also written a book on reclaiming closeness and connection called Romantic Trances published by The Great Dodecahedron, Inc. Jim’s current practice is limited to Creative Blocks, Executive Burn-out and Romance.

e-mail: jahbini (at) jahbini (period) org