When your passion is creation

Playwrights, poets, novelists.
Sculptors, painters, architects, interior designers.
Live Arts
Composers, Actors, choreographers.
Scientists, inventors, Programmers.
You are a creative person. It is your life, your passion. You pursue any of a number of vocations and avocations that move the soul.
But recently, you have run into a block. You don’t focus, your mind doesn’t seem to generate those ideas that really move you.
If you are like most, you will just hope the block goes away. But a better solution is to call Jim Hinds and look into the problem with a person who is intimately familiar with the creative process.
What’s wrong? What to do?
Creativity is the domain of the mind roaming freely. A mind that is trapped by limiting beliefs, emotional blocks or conflicting values will slow down or completely stop creativity in its tracks.
Values? Emotional Blocks?
Yes, the same five elements of Romance are helped or hindered by our emotional make-up and values. You can identify limiting decisions, and isolate values conflicts. The Celarien Experience can help you eliminate emotional blocks and re-align values.
Do you guarantee it will work?
Better than that: check out our Free Clinic and see for yourself. If it works, tell your friends: If it does not, you have not spend a dime!