What you don’t know about romance may already have cost you years of true intimacy.

Are you willing to take a few minutes to learn?

Romance puts the fresh back into stale, doesn’t it. But what is it? That’s the problem. How can you get it if you don’t know what it is? And yet most of us in have no idea what Romance really is!

Here are some things that are NOT romance: lace panties. Communication. The dread phrase ‘we need to talk.’ Dinner at a fancy restaraunt, nor even an evening on the town.

Think about it. What do you know of romance? What is really romantic to you? Better yet, ask your friends what romance is. They might think they know about romance, even some might say I’m a true-blue romantic at heart, but they still can’t tell you what romance really is. — Ask ten friends and you are likely to get ten different answers.

My name is Jim Hinds, and I did exactly that and it took years for me to put all the answers together. But put them together I did, and I want to share this with you.

Why? Because your life with your partner will be more fun, more intimate, more vivid than you can imagine.

Once you take care of the basic necessities, did you realize that you and your partner deeply crave romance at a very emotional level? But, our culture has sacrificed romance for efficiency. For logic. For teamwork. For being on-time, hard work and washing your hands before dinner.

It is true that competition, cleanliness, timeliness, efficiency and the bottom line are important. You may remember the old saying: If the only tool you have is a hammer, then all problems look like nails. Do you really think that you can pound romance into your life? So maybe we need to find another, better set of tools to create romance.

That’s where The Celarien Experience comes in. We help you gain new insights and attitudes. To give you new behavioral tools to coax you and your partner into a more vivid and important relationship. One that you can fill with the romance that will mean so much for you and your partner

You deserve romance. You deserve The Celarien Experience.

You now have a choice: You can go away and think about romance, and how to get it back into your life. You may spend years looking, thinking and not finding.