Valentine Love Letter

Sweetie, My tender love:
Romance is the dance of life, so let’s dance while the music plays. We weave the content of our days into each other and we knit the skein of my spirit into the fabric of your inner being. All we have in this world are our bodies, how we move, our words, our actions. So we strive for more.

Our bodies are but imperfect vessels. Behind the reality of your body is the puppeteer of you. That essence that animates you. The soul of you, that sits behind your eyes, and watches through your eyes. The soul of you, that listens through your ears. Yes, and feels with your reality based body. That private self of you. That private you that has no name, has no sex, has no age.

For I have the same, also locked in the physicality of my body. My own private self is enabled by my body, my experience, my reality. But it is also limited by them. I know this is true for me, and true for you, as it is for all of humanity.

So I reach out to you with all the ways I can summon. My body knows what it wants and energizes me with sexual passion, and I can use that passion for higher purposes! My hands reach out to touch you. My eyes seek to see you. My words reach out to touch you. I listen to your words so that I can know and adapt my words, adapt my behavior and so grow closer to you. I listen to your words so I can hear your thoughts. I hear to your thoughts so I may follow the rhythm of your emotions as they grow and ebb and morph from one to the next. I enter into the movie of your emotions so I can become a co-star in that most meaningful epic. The epic of you, the epic of us.

Knowing your likes, knowing your thoughts, knowing your emotions means I know my own thoughts and emotions better. And I conquer those emotions and thoughts that keep me from reaching out to you effectively. That keep me from hearing you perfectly. Those thoughts and outmoded beliefs that keep me from acting in that magic way which gains your complete trust.

We will always have yesterday. We danced, We made love. We travelled to far and away. We endured boredom and excitement. We have known fear and safety. We have strained in anger. We have strained in the passion of pleasure. And all through this sharing of stress and ease we have danced the graceful dance in rapport. That perfect aka cord, that ultimate electrical conduit. Better than copper, better than gold, better than a superconductor, for these cannot carry the emotional essence of soul as only rapport can.

These things have been made possible and pleasurable by that great resonance. As we make love with our bodies, we breath into each other’s being. As we gaze into each other’s eyes we can recognize the infinite subtle essence that resides there. We can allow that glow to grow into a radiance that shines into infinity. And we learn how to do these things when we are not physically coupled. And now, simply loving and knowing you better means I know my own soul better, a worthy goal indeed! And is there a better definition of romance, the pursuit of life’s peak experience?

Can I love myself without loving you? I can, but reaching out through you in loving passion, in true romance, I have a short-cut that gains wholeness, it gains the emotional wholeness called celarien. You have given me the opportunity to learn love. So when I say “I love you” I know exactly what I mean, and when I say “I love you” I know that through the magic of the rapport of our soul connection, that you know exactly what I mean.

So: I’ll say it again: I love you. The music of life is playing, May I have the pleasure of the dance? We will dance out into the infinity of the future, together.