Monogamy or Not: They are both romantic!

Jenny Block has a somewhat different view on romance, relationships and monogamy than most people would admit to. She has authored a book entitled Open; Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage.
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So This is Romance!

I ask a lot of people what romance is: to themselves, personally. What do they do that is romantic and why.

Well somebody actually asked me the same thing: “Jim, what do YOU think romance is?” Well, I had to think a few moments, and here it is:
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How to Keep it Hot with Your Blond, Blue Eyed Partner!

So you want the perfect woman, right? And how to keep her? And keep it erotic?
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The Rules of Romance for Your Relationship

Believe it or not, there are no 100% perfect recipes for creating romance. But there are rules. It is the ultimate do-it-yourself! That’s why most of us are so clueless about what makes for good romance. What works for one partner does not work for another. What works in Summer may not work in Winter. You just got to adapt to the situation.

However, you will find that there are some universal attributes about romancing your partner, man or women.
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Where To Go For Practical Romantic Help

The Capitol of Romance is a site that explores romance from an ‘arms distance’ and looks at different ways that you can express or receive romance. Sometimes, however, you need big time romance help from the experts. We have put together a list of these and want to sent you over to our sister site: Capitol of the World.

Go check ‘em out. You will be impressed.

A Soothing, Exciting, and Effective Site

Are you Alone, Angry, Annoyed, Anxious, Apathetic, Ashamed, Bewildered, Bored, Cold, Confused, Cranky, Crazy, Crushed, Depressed, Devious, Disappointed, Discontent, Drained, Drunk, Enraged, Envious, Exhausted, Frustrated, Giddy, Gloomy, Grumpy, Guilty, Indifferent, Infuriated, Irate, Irritated, Jealous, Lazy, Lonely, Mad, Melancholy, Moody, Morose, Numb, Pessimistic, Pissed off, Rejected, Restless, Rushed, Sad, Shocked, Sick, Silly, Sleepy, Stressed, Surprised, Tired or Uncomfortable??

Would you like to change all that?
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The Best Practical Romance Site!

I have been searching and searching the web for the very best resources to help you with the practical aspects of romance. You know, what new ideas and words will keep you as the focus of your partner’s thoughts.

I have found it! And I want to share it with you: Its called the Automatic Romantic and here is their story:
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Our Next Item is the Perfect Relationship. What is Your Bid?

John Gottman of the Gottman Institute has studied relationships for decades. He has watched very closely for the tell-tale signs of what goes right and what goes wrong.
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Hot Hot Hot

Over at My Redhead on you will find a celebration of life, love, marriage, and romance. It’s a blog about an ex-minister’s ongoing relationship with his gorgeous redhead wife. There is lots to learn here about the ongoing nature of a relationship full of the sweetest kind of romance.
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On the loss of a pregnancy

A dear friend of mine told me that her daughter had just had a miscarriage, and everyone in the family was saddened by that loss. I wrote this back to her:

I’m sad to hear about your daughter and the baby. We build our future on hopes and dreams. The loss of a dream is a fact that inspires great compassion.

Like a stone skipping across the pond, the soul that will bless your daughter’s life will come to rest in her arms shortly: she will nurture this soul and recognize it as the one. Know that hope has not escaped, only has taken another skip on the pond before accepting the invitation of coming to rest in your daughters womb.

Tell your daughter that all will be well, and hold hope close. It will protect her from the stressors of our modern life. The stress is the enemy of acceptance, and the new baby is sensitive to that, you know.

I’m sending these words out over the internet to anyone that is feeling the loss of a pregnancy. May they help you focus on the next skip of the stone.