Romance ABC

Romance — How to know it, How to keep it alive, How to live it.

What is Romance?

It is different things to different people. What seems like hot romance to your best friend may seem totally pointless to you!
Romance consists of a desired object or objective and the things you do to get that goal. The best rule is to follow your bliss

So how do I know what is my romance?

This is a common question, especially among the young. You will recognize it because it will be an irrestable goal for you to obtain. It may even seem like an obsession.

What are the five elements of romance?



compatible values

Right Action

Vows to Achieve

So how come there is no romance in my relationship?

Because you or your partner may think you have gotten the goal! But have you really? Isn’t there more to know about your partner? Isn’t there something more about that person that still beckons you?

The passion seems to be gone — What do I do?

Have you tried listening to your partner? To find out hidden or overlooked needs? Have you the courage to do what it takes? Can your partner say the same? This may just be the invitation to explore — try something new, like a romantic adventure or sojourn

We never seem to talk about the important things

This is the essence of the element of communication. It could be that your partner has a values conflict regarding some of the things you want to talk about. Or you might just need to present things from a different perspective. Or maybe you need to work together for more rapport.

What is keeping him (or her) from making a commitment?

This is a question of values. We all have values that motivate us and let us know how well we are doing in life. In fact, we have lots of values, sometimes that take us in many directions at once, and this is a symptom of values conflicts. A person with values conflicts in the area of committment is going to have trouble moving forward. The best remedy is a values session at The Celarien Experience.

What does it cost?

Charges are $90 per session on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

I’m not able to pay

Free clinic hours are on Thursday and Saturday Morning. Sessions are identical to normal weekday sessions but are designed for first time clients or those who cannot afford the normal fee structure. Donations for these sessions are accepted but not expected.

When can you see me?

Daily sessions start at 8:15AM, 10AM, 1PM and 3PM. Saturday sessions at 8:15AM and 10AM.


Located on the beautiful island of Saipan.

So how do I make an appointment?

e-mail Jim Hinds at jahbini (at) jahbini (period) org