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How To Be Romantic: A Simple, Effective Guide By Jewel Kinch

Editors Note: This remains one of our most popular articles. Why is that? Is it because it tells us that romance is important? Is it because it tells us that romance is not a short-term thing? Is it because it tells us to pay attention? It’s probably all these things, but we would like your […]

What’s the Secret Ingredient for Romance Success?

There is only one thing that will get you closer to your romance Right Action. Even what may look like luck or fate is really taking the right action to receive that blessing. You can be born rich, but still fail at life without Right Action. By any measure of progress, only right action actually […]

Love Addictions by Mystikka

It is difficult to maintain faith in our spiritual power when we find ourselves co-mingled in someone else’s world, reality, or game. It is a nearly impossible to stay true to ourselves when the illusion of a ‘need’ for a relationship in our lives, or a ‘need’ for a person, overshadows the NEED for what […]

In Embrace

The days and years pass. Our time together grows less and we know not the hour or circumstance that will separate us.

Soul Mate? or Soul Work?

That one special person. We hear lots and read lots and it soon starts to come out of our ears! Too much. It’s like never ending emotional pablum. But it is possible, and it is special, and it does take lots of work.