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Adult Relationships Are More Fun than Juvenile Relationships

This best-of-the-web article comes out with the heart of the matter: What separates the men and women from the boys and girls when it comes to relationships. The winners in the relationship game rather than the players. Can you answer the question: Is your romantic relationship an adult relationship or is it on a one […]

Barbara’s Love Tips: Dive In

Editor’s Note: I tried this one on my sweetie — we both rolled on the floor laughing! Login and add your comment on this most important insight into romance. As children we played staring games where whoever blinked first, lost. We’d mimic mock romantic verse like “your eyes are like two pools”. Then swooning, we’d […]

Playing Together

Now is the time to re-awaken and choose to be playful. So, take time to laugh, skinny-dip, dance and be silly.

Soul Mate? or Soul Work?

That one special person. We hear lots and read lots and it soon starts to come out of our ears! Too much. It’s like never ending emotional pablum. But it is possible, and it is special, and it does take lots of work.