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Hats off to a Genius

Christine Akiteng is a romance coach in Toronto. I’ve never met her, but I have read some of her powerful articles on romance, relationships and life in general. She is good. With a capitol “G.” Her ideas about romance are bold and surprisingly right on. Her writing style is sexy and hot, so hot that […]

Adult Relationships Are More Fun than Juvenile Relationships

This best-of-the-web article comes out with the heart of the matter: What separates the men and women from the boys and girls when it comes to relationships. The winners in the relationship game rather than the players. Can you answer the question: Is your romantic relationship an adult relationship or is it on a one […]

How To Be Romantic: A Simple, Effective Guide By Jewel Kinch

Editors Note: This remains one of our most popular articles. Why is that? Is it because it tells us that romance is important? Is it because it tells us that romance is not a short-term thing? Is it because it tells us to pay attention? It’s probably all these things, but we would like your […]